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Dr. Canoe

CSDC is proud to present the Wayne Gregory Memorial Cup to the Senior A National Champions.

​"Since finding out about this wonderful and oh-so appropriate memorial, I've thought much on paddling and the good Doctor. The paddling we have shared is so very hard to explain to a friend or family member that is on the outside looking in. The early mornings, the on water training, the off water training, the sets in darkness, the hot runs, planks, burpees, the pool work, the video analysis, diet, weigh ins, and endless strokes. That is the simple face of this sport ........ but it is not the heart of it. The heart is the people that populate a team. The work is individual but the effort is cumulative, shared. It is eking out a victory or coming just this close in defeat. All as a team. So it is so very hard to see one go ....especially when that person is of the quality of Doc. While none could question Wayne's paddling, his demeanour and quirks belied a competitive fire few match. But as great a paddler and team mate, his qualities as a person far outstripped both. That odd sense of humour, the seemingly endless stories, a generosity of spirit, a proud father, and an amazing friend ...... he is truly a great person. While part of our hearts hurt at this loss, we should temper that with the knowledge that he was in our lives, even if the time was too brief. And he is never truly far when we carry him in our hearts and minds and honour him with every stroke taken. It is people like Doc that truly explain what we do and why, even if it is only us that understand. "

Matt McLean (CSDC Team mate)

"We are an amazing family. We are athletes, friends, competitors, teammates, brothers and sisters. I feel sad a bit that when we got the Wayne Gregory Cup yesterday from my friend Peter Virtanen, we didn't know the real meaning and symbol of what it really meant to you guys. After watching your touching videoclip, now we do.

This year we got the gold and the banner. Next year you or another crew might get it back, who knows? But you'll have to work hard for it 😎

And this is Dragonboat: sometimes we loose by .8 of a second, sometimes we win with a tiny .07!

But what matters most is connection. To the water, to our crew and most important, the connection between all of us. What will remain is beyond the colour of the bling.

Merci for being such an amazing bunch of funny, caring, tough, sweet and determined athletes and paddling friends.

When Pete Buday greets me after our win on the 500m final yesterday with a warm "you fuckers", I known it comes with a smile and a warm heart.

Losing isn't fun. But when another team wins, especially after a tough and hard race, there's always beyond the deception of losing some joy in our hearts.  Because we all know the great feeling of winning. And it's always good to see on a friend's face a winning smile.

As Mallory Hopkins said: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.
See you very soon I hope. 
Love you guys.
JM x"

Jean-Marie Lapointe (H2O Dragonboat Club)

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